• Chocolate Passions Trail

    Exclusive moments for chocolate lovers to experience exquisite taste of organic chocolate and farm gate activities of its production and service value chain
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Flamboyant traditional dance of the Ashanti Kingdom performed with intricate moves and intriguing gestures worth indulging
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Magical co-existence at unique communities where mona monkeys, residents and tourists enjoy excellent peaceful cohabitation
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Pristine tucked-away coastlines, lake and river fronts for uniquely impact oriented, deeply satisfying and fun filled beach, sunbathing, meditation, stress relieving, nerves calming and rejuvenating vacation in Ghana where beach meet beats
  • History Panorama

    Spiritual riverside where African Slaves en-route to long domestic and industrial servitude in the New Found World (America) and elsewhere had their last bath and touch of African waters
  • Precious Minerals Expedition

    Once-in-a-lifetime invitation to satisfy your curiosity as to why Ghana was once named Gold Coast with a visit to this beautiful land where Gold & other precious minerals can be found even at the least expected places
  • Country SIDE

    Pleasurable footsteps in the sky and on top of trees at the world’s longest rain forest canopy walkway
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Explore diverse majestic & amazing wildlife species within several national wildlife and natural resources conservation parks
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Explore, experience and get hands-on with incredible indigenous lifestyles of communication and entertainment offered through majestic drum beats
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Captivating canoe excursions that takes world heritage followers and enthusiasts to the quintessential village on stilt and other stash away pristine wetlands, fresh water lagoons and tropical swamp forest sites
  • History Panorama

    At the center of Ghana's capital city, Accra in memory of Dr Kwame Nkrumah (the African personality of the millennium) Ghana's first president
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Astounding experience of Ghana’s internationally acclaimed extreme friendship, courtesy and hospitality even from the wild
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Astonishing cruise to the mystical Dodi Island brings you up close and personal with the wonders of/and across Lake Volta (world's largest man made Lake by surface area)
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Upon arrival in Ghana, the first sound you will hear is laughter which makes you feel very welcomed, if you loved it, another opportunity await you to experience colorful and diverse bird species chirping fascinating sounds whilst bird-watching in several tropical rain forests

Ashanti Region

  • Kumasi Zoo
  • Kejetia Market
  • Patakro Shrine
  • Kumawu Town
  • Obuasi gold Mines
  • Kentinkronu Shrine
  • Ejisu Besease Shrine
  • Asantemanso Village
  • Adarko Jachie Shrine
  • Centre for National Culture
  • Prempeh II Jubilee Museum
  • Manhyia Palace and Museum
  • Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve 
  • Ntonsu (Adinkra cloth making)
  • Okomfo Anokye Mystery Sword
  • Kumasi Fort and Military Museum
  • Lake Bosomtwi (35km off Kumasi)
  • Pankronu (Pottery, 3km off Kumasi)
  • Goldsmiths and silversmiths (Kumasi)
  • University of Science and Technology
  • Bobiri Forest Reserve (35km off Kumasi)
  • Digya National Park (Kumawu to Atebubu)
  • Ahwiaa (Wood carvings, 6km N of Kumasi)
  • Bonwire (Kente weaving, 18km off Kumasi)
  • Owabi Wildlife sanctuary (23km off Kumasi)
  • Atwia Rock Formations (40km from Kumasi)
  • Asuofia/Asamang - Barakese road (bead making)
  • Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary (50km from Kumasi)
  • Mframabuom Caves (Kwamang, 55km from Kumasi)
  • Ampabame Krofrom (Brass smiths 10km from Ahodwo)


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