• Chocolate Passions Trail

    Exclusive moments for chocolate lovers to experience farm gate activities of the chocolate value chain
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Pleasurable strides in the sky & on top of trees at the world’s longest rain forest canopy walkway
  • Country Side

    Magical co-existence at unique towns where mona monkeys, residents and tourists enjoy excellent peaceful cohabitation
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Captivating canoe excursions that takes UNESCO world heritage followers and enthusiasts to Nzulezu, the quintessential village on stilt (Ghana's answer to Amsterdam) and other stash away pristine wetlands, fresh water lagoons and/or consummating tropical swamp forest sites
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Upon arrival in Ghana, the first sound you will hear is laughter which makes you feel very welcomed and if you love this, another opportunity await you to experience fascinating birds chirping diverse charming sounds in many tropical rain forests, watch colorful butterflies and other wildlife species
  • History Panorama

    Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum, at the heart of the capital city, Accra in memory of Ghana's first president (the African personality of the millennium)
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Exhilarating companionship, experience Ghana’s internationally acclaimed extreme friendship, courtesy and hospitality even from the wild
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Explore diverse majestic & amazing wildlife species within national wildlife conservation parks
  • History Panorama

    The spiritual river where African Slaves en-route to long domestic and industrial servitude in the New Found World (America) and elsewhere had their last bath and touch of African waters
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Astonishing cruise to the mystical Dodi Island brings you up close and personal with the wonders of/and across Lake Volta (the world's largest man made Lake by surface area)
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Adowa dance, a flamboyant indigenous and native dance of the Ashanti Kingdom performed with elaborate moves and intricate gestures worth indulging
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Explore, experience and get hands-on with incredible indigenous lifestyles of communication and entertainment offered through majestic drum beats
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    If it must be uniquely impact oriented, deeply satisfying and fun filled beach & sunbathing vacation, it must be Ghana the only place on earth where beach, beats & fun meets
  • Precious Minerals Expedition

    Exclusive moments to satisfy your curiosity as to why Ghana was once named Gold Coast with a visit to this beautiful land where Gold & other minerals can be found even at the least expected places

Our Objectives

The objectives of Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours) include but not limited to the following highlights:

  • To educate the citizenry and corporate entities to win their hearts and minds on the importance of business integrity, environmental responsibility, eco-friendliness, sustainability, green living, best energy, water, sanitation, waste disposal, usage and or management practices and the devastation caused by climate change at the grassroots level through public education, sensitization, training and capacity building to serve as a catalyst for a corporate and communal socio-economic, environmental, natural resource sustainability and green revolution with the ultimate goal of significantly driving and playing leading role in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relative to poverty reduction, ecosystems, water, marine systems, climate and sustainability
  • To advocate, lobby and persuade corporate Ghana to accept and recognize recreation, leisure, education and training as a fundamental employee and or human rights which when provided for, can lead to increased healthy work force, motivation, employee loyalty all key success factors for achieving and maintaining higher productivity, creating customer satisfaction and same facilitating profitability, organizational growth and development
  • To motivate, encourage and whip up interest in Ghanaians to engage and participate fully in domestic tourism activities particularly, rural Eco or Adventure tourism as an instruments for generating a holistic social, cultural paradigm shift through embracing touristic social, cultural leisure, educational, entertainment, recreational, health and sporting activities as a routine national avocation thereby achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles and to reduce stress as well as to divert the attention of the youth from engaging in all manner of social, culturally  and economically  unacceptable behaviors such as crime, substance or drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution etc.
  • To aggressively brand and promote Ghana for the purpose of winning the hearts and minds of international tourists particularly, Eco or Adventure tourism enthusiasts who are looking for a break from the monotony of the well-established and often over used East and South African destinations to visit and experience Ghana’s diverse pristine natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, wildlife, cultural heritage, extremely hospitable and friendly people, peace and security which presents  a unique alternative destination to international tourists 
  • To promote the principles and concepts of Socially, Culturally, Environmentally and Economically Responsible Travel (SCEERT) while employing industry best practices which are geared towards stimulation of social, cultural and economic rejuvenation within destinations with an ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining a higher level of quality experiences for our customers, positive impact on host communities and the environment
  • To devote a greater percentage of generated profits for re-investment in the people and communities through setting up a revolving fund that will be used to assist the youth in education, apprenticeship training and business startup capital acquisition as well as other essential social amenities
  • To establish social or resource centers in rural and deprived communities that will serve as a center of excellence where individuals and groups will meet to exchange ideas and information. The ultimate goal for this center is to facilitate creativity and innovative thinking for socio-economic individual growth and community development by identifying and introducing the youth and mid-tern career professionals to educational and other professional development opportunities that exist both domestically and internationally through sound and pragmatic career development coaching, mentoring and training for talented and brilliant student and young professionals as well as confront those who might be less endowed with the above human attribute to help them identify and unearth their hidden potentials





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