• Chocolate Passions Trail

    Exclusive moments for chocolate lovers to experience exquisite taste of organic chocolate and farm gate activities of its production and service value chain
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Flamboyant traditional dance of the Ashanti Kingdom performed with intricate moves and intriguing gestures worth indulging
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Magical co-existence at unique communities where mona monkeys, residents and tourists enjoy excellent peaceful cohabitation
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Pristine tucked-away coastlines, lake and river fronts for uniquely impact oriented, deeply satisfying and fun filled beach, sunbathing, meditation, stress relieving, nerves calming and rejuvenating vacation in Ghana where beach meet beats
  • History Panorama

    Spiritual riverside where African Slaves en-route to long domestic and industrial servitude in the New Found World (America) and elsewhere had their last bath and touch of African waters
  • Precious Minerals Expedition

    Once-in-a-lifetime invitation to satisfy your curiosity as to why Ghana was once named Gold Coast with a visit to this beautiful land where Gold & other precious minerals can be found even at the least expected places
  • Country SIDE

    Pleasurable footsteps in the sky and on top of trees at the world’s longest rain forest canopy walkway
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Explore diverse majestic & amazing wildlife species within several national wildlife and natural resources conservation parks
  • Native & Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Explore, experience and get hands-on with incredible indigenous lifestyles of communication and entertainment offered through majestic drum beats
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Captivating canoe excursions that takes world heritage followers and enthusiasts to the quintessential village on stilt and other stash away pristine wetlands, fresh water lagoons and tropical swamp forest sites
  • History Panorama

    At the center of Ghana's capital city, Accra in memory of Dr Kwame Nkrumah (the African personality of the millennium) Ghana's first president
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Astounding experience of Ghana’s internationally acclaimed extreme friendship, courtesy and hospitality even from the wild
  • Sea, Sand & Sun Deep Dive

    Astonishing cruise to the mystical Dodi Island brings you up close and personal with the wonders of/and across Lake Volta (world's largest man made Lake by surface area)
  • Wildlife & Nature Footsteps

    Upon arrival in Ghana, the first sound you will hear is laughter which makes you feel very welcomed, if you loved it, another opportunity await you to experience colorful and diverse bird species chirping fascinating sounds whilst bird-watching in several tropical rain forests

Exclusive USA Capital Tri-States Panorama Getaway


USA Capital Tri-States (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia - DMV) Panoramic Vacation

America Beyond Just a Dream!


If you have even the slightest passion or interest in discovering, experiencing and learning about the people, history, heritage, culture, gastronomy and landscapes of the land of the brave and home of the free, you can't miss out on this unique opportunity!

An unparalleled vacation, travel, tours and excursions activities and experiences tailored not just to meet, but exceed the needs, wants, expectations and cravings of anyone looking for a well deserved retreat from the everyday pressures of very demanding social, economic, business, job, study and living activities.

These includes and not limited to company or business owners, board members, top executives, leaders, managers, administrators and personnel of corporate, public, civil and private sector institutions, organizations, ministries, departments and agencies, dignitaries, diplomats, government officials and appointees, public figures, influencers and celebrities, seniors, singles, families, students, networks, clubs, associations and groups.

Are you a student (high school, college and university) or parent determined to give your child a shot in life by broadening their horizon through international travel experience and exposure? This package is for you!

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit, explore, discover, learn and indulge in a stress relieving, nerves calming, relaxation, rejuvenating and energizing panoramic experience of several picturesque landscapes, sites and attractions, iconic culture, history, heritage and contemporary institutions, organizations, personalities, monuments and landmarks found within United States of America's triangular states, the capital area of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV).




From USD$ 3,860 (per person)


Items on the package

  • Airport arrival/departure courtesies & transfer
  • Accommodation (6 nights)
  • Meals (Hotel breakfast)
  • Visit to attractions & sites within the USA capital triangular states of Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia (DMV)
  • Nightlife social, intercultural & diversity unwinding (optional)
  • Other complimentary added-on surprises
Reservation/Booking can be done through any of the following links!


Michael +233 264 475 836

Francis +233 270 338 757

Rachel +233 243 030 502

Kakraba +1 301 675 1358

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @krinsolecotours


Educational institutions, tour organizers/operators, travel agents, destination marketing companies, vacation, travel, tours and excursions marketers/bloggers from particularly Europe, Asia and Middle East/Gulf region needed for strategic partnerships and collaborations!


The Big Six (B6) Festival



Finally, a Ghana/African History and Heritage Festival is Here!



Ghana and African History, Heritage, Culture, Arts and Socials Reminiscence Time!

Hosted Annually to Herald Ghana's Independence Day Celebration

“Supporting, strengthening, projecting and branding Ghana’s history/heritage tourism through the tremendous emotional, international, domestic and social appeal of the six iconic personalities of independence struggles”


The BIG SIX (B6) FESTIVAL promises to be the biggest, most innovative, creative and authentic Ghana/African History and Heritage promotion, conservation, preservation and restoration event on Ghana/Africa's tourism, travel, tour, hospitality and vacation calendar!


Date: 28TH FEBRUARY - 5TH MARCH (annually to herald Ghana’s independence day celebration)


"From our ancestors adventurous migration to this unique piece of land on the west coast of Africa located at the center of the earth and on the Greenwich meridian, settlement, formation of various intrinsically intertwined communities, towns, villages, ethic groupings, clans and family lineages, establishment of intricate native systems of administration, power, authorities and governance, institution of intriguing indigenous religious, cultural, social and traditional beliefs, customs, practices and norms.

That very first arrival of Prince Henry the navigator and his explorer crew (1471), transatlantic slave trade, colonial rule, struggle for independence, attainment of independence and contemporary Ghana, spectacular monuments, edifices, sites, attractions, landmarks of conscience and anything in-between.

The BIG SIX (B6) FESTIVAL provides a formidable platform for a week of authentic and explosive history, heritage, social, culture, business, investment, arts, education, music, folklore, entertainment, sightseeing, leisure, recreation, sports, active and healthy lifestyles activities and experiences that serves as a prelude to Ghana's independence day celebration".



Add this epic event to your travel bucket list, make a personal history and get yourself into the history hall of fame!


Hosting: Annually to herald Ghana's Independence Day Celebration

Host city: Accra (and other regional centers), Ghana

Maiden edition:  2019

Organizer: Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours)


Here is a unique opportunity to leave your footprints on this spectacular event!

Domestic and international historians, academicians, researchers, experts and traditional rulers/councils artists, musicians, performers and other creative professionals, media, public influencers, celebrities, educational institutions, events marketers, tour organizers/operators, travel agents, destination marketing companies, vacation, travel and tours marketers/bloggers, corporate, private and government institutions, organizations, ministries, agencies, departments, local authorities and volunteers are needed for strategic sponsorships, partnerships and collaboration!



Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours)

Michael +233 264 475 836

Francis +233 270 338 757

Rachel +233 243 030 502

Kakraba +1 301 675 1358

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @krinsolecotours


The Big Six: Heroes of Ghana's Independence Struggle and Attainment

From Left to Right: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Mr. Emmanuel Obetsebi-Lamptey, Dr. Ebenezer Ako-Adjei, Dr. Edward Akuffo-Addo, Dr. J. B. Danquah, Mr. William Ofori Atta

Corporate, Executive & Personal Travel Solutions (CEPTS)


Strategic Travel Solutions

 Elevating International and Domestic Corporate, Executive and Personal Travel Courtesies and Experiences Paradigms!


International and domestic travel has become extremely sophisticated in a constantly changing global social, cultural, business, economic, geo-political and security environments. This has resulted in inevitable travel challenges confronting both corporate and social travel markets and publics. This situation is attributable to the combined effects of current fast paced living and working demands, travel, tourism and hospitality industry's dynamic nature, diversity of customer needs, wants and expectations, cumbersome visa or immigration laws, rules and regulations, health, security and safety, cost of travel and other essential travel customer journey concerns.

For these reasons companies, institutions, organization, groups, families and individuals need to devote enormous dedicated time and attention to plan every aspect of the travel customer journey in the midst of other critical competing usual or everyday social, economic, business, management and administration demands. This does not allow for highly effective, efficient, meticulous and diligent information gathering as well as optimal use of resources.

It is therefore important for prospective, first time and even frequent travelers to access the services of experts and knowledgeable industry professionals who have the right attitudes, competences, time, attention, industry insights and instincts to help them navigate the travel customer journey diligently and meticulously. Fortunately for you, this is one of our specialties and what we do best with passion, dedication, tenacity, zeal and with speed believing that time is of critical essence in whatever we do.

We crave your indulgence to allow us to shoulder your entire travel essentials, customer journey concerns and time consuming activities!

Take advantage of our specialist and professional Corporate, Executive and Personal Travel Solutions (CEPTS) which provides you the luxury, time and peace of mind to concentrate on your demanding and fast paced usual or everyday social, economic and job activities. The team of top notch, highly trained industry experts and professionals at Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours) work meticulously and diligently to ensure that you enjoy an impeccable courtesies, luxurious, convenient, comfortable, relaxed, safe, secure, cost efficient and effective travel experience.


Our passion and commitments is to provide impeccable customer experience throughout your Customer Journey!


Our specialty services

  • Standard airport arrival courtesies & transfer
  • Prestige airport arrival courtesies & transfer (including immigration control & baggage retrieval assistance)
  • Standard departure shuttle & check-in courtesies
  • Prestige departure shuttle & check-in courtesies (including immigration control assistance)
  • City & intercity courtesy shuttle
  • Comprehensive airline ticket & accommodation search, reservation and booking
  • International travel consultancy (documentation, processing and applications support)
  • Strategic business, product & investment exploratory, familiarization, feasibility studies & development trips
  • International travel, relocation & integration training & orientation
  • Ghana visa & resident permit application consultancy & support
  • Study abroad opportunities search, applications & admissions consultancy


Call us right now for an impeccably wow travel experience!


Booking/Reservation/Registration can easily be done through any of the following links


Michael +233 264 475 836

Francis +233 270 338 757

Rachel +233 243 030 502

Kakraba +1 301 675 1358

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @krinsolecotours


Let our professional team take care of all your travel essentials and shoulder all your travel inconveniences


Innovations in Combating Corruption & Fraud Training


Sustainable, Creative and Innovative Approaches to Combating Corruption and Fraud

"Elevating Anti-Corruption and Fraud Narratives, Capacity building, Advocacy, Public Education, Awareness Creation and Sensitization Paradigms"


Can the fight against corruption be won? Absolutely YES!!!


The strategic instruments for achieving this exist. However, the missing link lies in the acquisition, efficient and effective application of those instruments.

This applicable education, training and capacity building is a must attend for everyone who is committed to and passionate about equitable distribution of resources, sustainable development, democracy, good governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law, human and minority rights.

Are you passionate about and committed to those pro-poor, needy, vulnerable, deprived, minorities and marginalized sustainable development ideals? Obviously, these ideals are not achievable under any environment where corruption and fraud thrives.

You are invited to join the “Innovative, High Leverage and Applicable Strategies for Combating Corruption and Fraud” an actionable training, capacity building and education event that prepares you to become an impactful leader, change maker or agent.

This course offer participants the requisite high leverage, innovative and applicable strategies, competencies, tools, education, training and capacity building on corruption and fraud early warning signs, detection, prevention and response actions. It introduces a new frontier of methodological and systematic empowerment of the grassroots, students and youth, lower and midterm corporate, public, civil and private sector professionals, employees and stakeholders to lead the fight against corruption and fraud.

Practically demonstrate your passions and commitments to the ideals of promoting, supporting and strengthening equitable social, humanitarian, economic and democratic development, transparency, accountability, good governance, human rights, rule of law and justice, peace, security and safety, which cannot be achieved without fighting corruption and fraud!


Training Theme

"Corruption Impedes Development and Threatens our Collective Future"


Specialization Topics

  • Types/levels of corruption and fraud
  • Anti-corruption and fraud code of ethics
  • Corruption and fraud interview techniques
  • Sanctions/remedies for corruption and fraud
  • Corruption and fraud investigation strategies
  • Conducting corruption and fraud due diligence
  • Definitions and meanings of corruption and fraud
  • Flash points/places to watch for corruption and fraud
  • How to encourage/solicit report from the general public
  • Corruption and fraud prevention mechanism, tools or mix
  • Understanding the intricacies involved in corruption and fraud
  • Corruption and fraud early warning signs, alarm bells or telltales
  • Quality questions to ask for corruption and fraud self-introspection and assessment
  • Social, cultural, humanitarian, economic and political impacts of corruption and fraud


The time to act is now! Stand up and be counted!


Target Audience

  • Religious organizations
  • Youth clubs and associations
  • Academics, students and educational institutions
  • Media and PR houses, practitioners and professionals
  • Security and law enforcement agencies and the judiciary
  • Local government officials, authorities and assembly members
  • Chiefs, Queen mothers, traditional leaders and community opinion leaders
  • Early/midterm public, civil, corporate and private sector professionals, officials and employees
  • Grassroots and ordinary people who unfortunately, find themselves at the periphery in the social, cultural, economic and political structures
  • All identifiable formal and informal grassroots organizations, groups, professionals (farmers, traders, artisans, drivers or transport unions etc.)
  • Professional associations or groups (lawyers, researchers, journalists, teachers, accountants, auditors, procurement, sales, marketing officials etc.)
  • Anti-corruption, bribery and fraud, rule of law, transparency, accountability, democracy, human rights and good governance experts, investigators, researchers, activists, civil society organizations, institutions, groups and individuals


We currently need, welcome and will appreciate strategic support, partnerships, collaborations and sponsorship from domestic and international donors, philanthropists, impact investing/making, media, events marketing, volunteer, social, humanitarian and public good/spirited institutions, organizations, ministries, departments, agencies, professionals, groups, clubs, networks and individuals.


Location: Accra, Ghana

Date: 22 - 24 May, 2019

Venue: Ampomaah Hotel, East Legon

Registration Fess: from USD$95


Registration/Reservation/Booking is ongoing, and through any of the following:


Michael +233 264 475 836

Francis +233 270 338 757

Rachel +233 243 030 502

Kakraba +1 301 675 1358

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @krinsolecotours


Corruption and Fraud Truncates Development and Threatens our Collective Future 



Are you Passionate about Discovering the Sights, Sounds, Scenes and to feel the Pulse of Amazing Ghana? Are you Keen on Developing Leadership, Teamwork, Diversity Management, Social and Intercultural Communication Skills through Tourism? Are you committed to Helping Promote and Sustain Ghana’s Domestic Tourism for Sustainable Pro-poor, Needy, Vulnerable, Deprived and Marginalized Development? Country Side provides all of these and much more!



Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd

Krinsol Ecotours (Social Enterprise)

P O Box SK 874, Sakumono, Tema, Ghana